As a Certified EMDR psychologist and an Approved-Consultant (EMDRIA & Parnell Institute), I offer consultation to licensed professionals. Additionally, I am a facilitator for Dr. Laurel Parnell’s Attachment Focused-EMDR Trainings. Full Member: EMDRIA-Certified and Approved Consultant.

I meet with consultees via Zoom.  I hold weekly, bi-monthly or once per month consultations for individual and group consultation.  I provide skillsets for integrating somatic  processing and developmental repair within the therapeutic relationship as well as within AF-EMDR therapy.

I provide the 10 hours required of those who have completed the Parnell Institute’s AF-EMDR Part I and Part II Basic Training prior to enrolling in Part III  (10 Hours Group Practicum).

I provide continued consultation following completion of Basic Training (Parts I, II, and III) for those interested in deepening their work or for those wanting to collect hours towards AF-EMDR Certification (50 hours). 

I consult to therapists following their completion of Basic Training and are either collecting hours towards certification or who wish to hone their AF-EMDR skill set.  I provide a safe, spacious and attentive place in which to present your cases.  I help support you in integrating AF-EMDR into your practice. I ask that consultees prepare their cases in advance of our meeting and include a thorough client history and session process notes.  I am happy to review the theory and science behind trauma recovery as well as resource development and installation, targeting and interweaves. All questions are welcome.

I consult with small groups of licensed therapists (4-5 people) over Zoom. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe place to ask questions, seek clarification with difficult cases, illuminate protocols and procedures, help with resource development and installation, targeting and interweaves.  

Hearing cases of other consultees allows for greater learning about history-taking, developing a treatment plan, building a foundation for learning about the physiology of trauma, how to fold somatic work into AF-EMDR and encourages the group to think outside the box on challenging cases such as with addictions, OCD, phobias, single-incident trauma, and working with wounds of childhood (parts work).  

Groups meet once a month for 90-minutes to two hours depending on the group size and goals. Groups tend to provide a significant source of support, resources and become a referral system to EMDR therapists after completing the various parts of the training.