International Training

Ghana, Africa

June, 2014   Introduction To Trauma: Theory & Practice

Two-Day Training at the Don Bosco Rehabilitation Center

  • Day One: Trauma theory, treatment, demonstrations and practicum with staff and outside professionals.
  • Day Two: Trauma work with 27 formerly trafficked and homeless children. Demonstrations to the staff and facilitation of their work with the children.

Testimonials From Professionals and Staff

“The workshop helped me learn about revised theories of trauma. The training gave a platform for participants to contribute and share their personal or institutional experiences of trauma. The second day was interesting and revealing: It was interesting to see adults and children participate in the same treatment exercises. It was revealing that children, given the chance and guidance could express their true feelings and experiences. The workshop helped me to learn more about trauma exercises. I found the inclusion of that number of children being able to participate in the workshop to be eye opening. It is my hope to apply what I have learned for the good of the children we work with or come across.”

“The training really made me understand what trauma is, the causes, the symptoms and the way of managing trauma. I have also learned that as a caregiver to orphaned children, I must treat myself out of trauma before handling children who are traumatized. This will enable me to change the life of a child for the better.”
G.O (Caretaker to trafficked and orphaned children of Ghana)

“The International Training was educative and uniquely informative. The practical approach was invaluable and sharpened my competence skill level. Dr. Artson’s practical approach has been instrumental for my work and with the skills I acquired. I know God will use me to make a difference in the life of children and impact the world. I humbly wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Tracy Artson for making the time to come and share with us this insightful knowledge that makes us the best professionals in our field of work with children.”
B.E. (Staff at the Don Bosco Rehabilitation Center)

“The training helped me to identify my own trauma and some ways to overcome them. I also learned the difference between advice and counseling. During the trauma exercises, I found my peaceful place in my mind. This actually encouraged my self-esteem that, “I can do things by myself.” The training revealed the power of the spoken word and their effects on children. I felt relaxed during the training and my mind was stable.”
N.B. (Teacher at the Don Bosco Rehab. Center and a formerly trafficked child)

Pictures from Ghana, Africa

Trauma Training and Trauma Work:

Day Two: Healing and Recovery with 27 newly rescued children

Tapping in his “Peaceful Place” 

Mindfulness Meditation & Somatic Re-experiencing of their bodies and their feelings using chocolate melting in their mouths.


“Reaching for the Stars” using bilateral arm and leg movements

Tracy Artson 3

Resource Drawing: The children’s newly discovered and drawn “Peaceful Place”

Tracy Artson 4