Trauma Recovery for Soldiers and Linguists


I have seen Veterans and Contracted Linguists come home from war only to suffer from the trauma of their experiences overseas as well as the difficulty of re-entering civilian life.  Soldiers in combat are a tight knit, bonded group whose loyalty knows no bounds. This dynamic presents a complexity of issues for those who survive, for those who must leave their assignment early and for those who witnessed or participated in incidents that are beyond human comprehension.  Once soldiers return to civilian life, much of what they had to do to survive comes to the forefront.  The trauma of combat can emerge over time, from months to years later, and a seemingly unrelated event or trauma can trigger the combat trauma.  It is vital to recognize the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress, to realize that you are not alone and that help exists whether from the VA or from a private trauma specialist.  Reaching out for help takes courage. The sooner you seek treatment the less you risk dealing with the trauma through unhealthy methods (alcohol, drugs, self-destructive behavior) and the better the outcome.

Common Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Anxiety (Panic Attacks)
  • Flashbacks
  • Isolation/Withdrawal
  • Avoidance of Emotional Triggers
  • Startle Response to Sounds
  • Loss of Purpose and Meaning
  • Emotional Flatness
  • Guilt/Shame

Hope, Healing and Therapy

I provide an integrative and collaborative approach in the context of a safe, professional, warm, caring and respectful environment.  I have over 25 years of hospital, clinic and private practice experience combined.  I draw on object relations and attachment research, theory and practice, which emphasize the quality, context and history of our early relationships. The quality of these early bonds produce patterns of behavior or relationships that are unknowingly replayed in later years. How we feel about ourselves as adults is largely shaped by the relationships and situations we encounter in our development.  How we relate to trauma is determined by our growing up years.

Additionally, I am trained in the neuroscience of trauma (how trauma changes the brain and body) with specific Training and Certification in Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  EMDR is a well-research and recognized first line trauma treatment for PTSD (nationally and internationally recognized by the Department of Defense/Department of Veterans Affairs, American Psychiatric Association, World Health Organization and the United Kingdom of Health). EMDR safely, yet rapidly, moves us through the trauma and achieves symptom reduction and a re-integration of our body, mind, and soul. Additionally, I use mindfulness, meditation, and somatic awareness/Experiencing to help regulate (calm) the nervous system.

Please feel free to Contact Me with any questions or to schedule an appointment at 415-923-0866.


Linguists who have moved to the United States from other counties (e.g. Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan) often sign up to help our soldiers in combat as a expression of patriotism.  They are not trained for combat.  Often they are sent overseas with our soldiers only to become an essential member of the unit.  Linguists are civilians who by virtue of their work are forced to witness the atrocities of war.  Often they return with Post Traumatic Stress to families who wonder why this family member seems so different.  Family members may not understand trauma and how it can change a person’s character.  Consequently, family members may silently retreat making you feel even more isolated.  Linguists return with no support from the VA, the companies who hire them or an organized community of other linguists.  Similar to soldiers, they emerge from war suffering from PTS (refer to the symptoms listed above).  If you are a linguist suffering from your time overseas, please reach out for help.  I will provide the names of other treatment professionals who specialize in trauma if you live outside the bay area or in other states.

Please feel free to Contact Me directly with any questions and to schedule an appointment.