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Start changing yourself if you want to change the life around you — Mahatma Gandhi

In looking for a therapist, you have already taken the important first step in acknowledging that something in your life is not working for you and you are ready to explore how history and experiences shape your life choices.  It takes strength and courage to face yourself and your unattended or difficult symptoms, emotions, and body sensations. 

So much of who we are is formed by political-social forces, intergenerational experiences, family dynamics, birth stories and traumatic events. Individual therapy can help you to gain a greater understanding of the experiences, patterns and core beliefs that place obstacles in forming or keeping relationships, building work opportunities,  and to learning how to negotiate uncomfortable feelings (sadness, anger, anxiety, depression) in your body. In time, the therapeutic work helps you to build a solid foundation that is self-regulated, meaningful, enlivened and dynamic.

I strongly believe that people, given the opportunity, are motivated to evolve towards health and healing.  I provide a safe and warm environment built on mutual respect, collaboration and goal setting.  I value organically arrived at insight, reflection, humor and connection as a means for healing relational wounds and transforming trauma. 

I utilize eclectic therapeutic approaches (Psychodynamic, Attachment Focused-EMDR™, Mindful techniques and Somatic Experiencing™) to design an individually tailored treatment plan that will serve as the most effective therapeutic modality for you. 

I am a licensed psychologist whose training and experience spans more than 30+ years.  I value professional and thoughtful care that includes giving candid feedback to you and I provide collaboration with other professionals involved. 

Together, we will track your progress and any areas that continue to present difficulties. The ultimate goal, beyond significant symptom relief, is to emerge with a sense of growth and change, a stronger sense of identity, and an increase in your overall life satisfaction. 

Learning how to tolerate and to sit with uncomfortable emotions in order to find greater acceptance of all aspects of yourself is an important outcome. Processing through and integrating traumatic experiences moves you, in psyche and body, to more adaptively held beliefs, behaviors, emotions and a more tolerant self- regulated nervous system.

My practice is diverse in ethnicity, cultural practices, age, gender expression, sexual orientation, and life circumstances. I welcome questions and helping you to develop your own tool box of techniques for navigating life’s rough terrain.